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Springwells Village
Detroit, MI 48209

Savor Spotlight: Sweet Treats in Springwells


Savor Spotlight: Sweet Treats in Springwells

Tiffany Tononi

Contributed by Meredith Bury, Savor Southwest

Family Treat

Looking to cool down this summer? Springwells Family Treat is the perfect way to beat the heat and satisfy any sweet tooth. The stand at Springwells and Navy Street has been a fixture in the Southwest community for over 50 years, and my trip there made it very easy to see why it’s so popular. Family Treat’s ice cream menu includes soft serve and hand packed ice cream, as well as 13 flavors of shakes and malts, sundaes, parfaits and other classic treats. Cone prices start at $0.85 for a baby cone, which is perfect for a quick sweet treat, to $2.15 for a large cone that’s sure to conquer even the biggest ice cream cravings. Family Treat also has an extensive food menu that includes burgers, hot dogs, fish and chips, and tacos. Every Tuesday, $2.25 buys 3 tacos, and on Thursdays, footlong coney dogs are $1.85. 

I had a hot fudge cream puff, which was excellent, and so was the service. I was greeted with a smile the moment I walked in and received my food quickly, even though they were very busy. Family Treat has plenty of parking, and a counter that overlooks Springwells if you prefer to eat in. This summer, look no further than Springwells Family Treat to cool off and enjoy an ice cream treat!

Open Monday – Saturday 10:30AM – 9PM; Sunday 12 – 9PM | 313-841-3522 | 2010 Springwells | Cash Only

Mangonadas Del Barrio

As the weather warms up, Mangonadas Del Barrio is a great place to go for a sweet summer treat. Their menu features a variety of frozen desserts, many of which use fresh fruit for extra refreshing flavor. They also offer a wide assortment of hand scooped ice cream flavors. I tried a Mangonada, the dessert the business is named after. It is a frozen dessert with chunks of fresh fruit and garnished with chili powder. I tried mango, but they are also available in flavors such as strawberry and cucumber. It was definitely a refreshing explosion of flavor as I took my first bite, and at $1.50, it’s a great and affordable way to cool down in the summer heat.

Inside, Mangonadas del Barrio has arcade games and ample seating to keep you entertained as you enjoy your dessert. There are also outdoor tables, where you can bask in the summer sun with your treat. Dessert from Mangonadas Del Barrio is a perfect accompaniment for a hot summer day, I can’t wait to go back for another refreshing treat.

Open everyday 10AM – 9PM | 313-551-2360 | 1210 Lawndale | Cash, Credit ($10 minimum)