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Springwells Village
Detroit, MI 48209

Savor Spotlight: Unique Lunch Counter Cuisine


Savor Spotlight: Unique Lunch Counter Cuisine

Tiffany Tononi

Contributed by Sarah Carlson, Savor Southwest

La Posada

Southwest Detroit is full of surprises, and La Posada is no exception.  The market on Springwells and Navy looks like an ordinary storefront from the outside, but offers excellent food on the inside.  It has a selection of groceries, including a large deli and meat counter, but La Posada’s main attraction is definitely in the back of the market. There, a cook works over a small grill to serve up tacos, tortas and quesadillas to hungry customers.  The menu, written on a piece of poster board taped to the wall, includes chicken, chorizo, steak, barbacoa, el pastor, and lengua.  The offerings are simple and the ingredients are basic, but at La Posada, they turn them into delicious dishes.  The meat is seasoned and tender, served on corn tortillas for tacos and flour for quesadillas, both topped with fresh cilantro and onions.  La Posada also offers a medium tomato salsa and spicy salsa verde to add an extra kick to the dish.  As a special treat, all of the dishes come with sweet grilled onions and jalapeños on the side.

I stepped up to the counter recently and a friendly waitress quickly took my order.  I watched the steak sizzling on the grill (Nothing precooked here, everything is made to order!) and the cheese bubbling and couldn’t wait to try my food.  The chef garnished my plate with lime and made sure I had all of the salsas I needed to fully enjoy my meal.  I had a chorizo taco, a chicken taco and a steak quesadilla, all of which were delicious.  The chorizo was flavorful but not too salty, and the chicken and steak were both extremely tender.  I could tell that all of the ingredients were very fresh, and everything was prepared promptly.  For $5.00, I left La Posada full and extremely satisfied. 

Inside La Posada, there are ten tables and a counter available for dining in, and they also offer carry out service.  They have a large selection of juices and sodas to accompany your meal, and you can save a trip to the store by picking up groceries there as well.   La Posada is a hidden gem and a great place to go for delicious food, affordable prices and friendly service. 

Open Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 9:30PM, Saturday and Sunday 8AM – 9:30PM | 313-841-1690 | 1930 Springwells | Cash, Credit ($10 minimum)

La Mexicana

From the outside, La Mexicana looks like an ordinary supermercado.  But take a step inside and you’ll see that it’s much more.  One side of the store has shelves and coolers dedicated to normal grocery items, but the other half is what makes La Mexicana unique. Behind a large counter, there’s a grill where you can get tacos, quesadillas, tortas and burritos made fresh for you.  While the closest thing they have to a menu is a piece of paper taped to the wall, ask the cook and he’ll tell you what they have to offer.  The meat selection includes steak, chorizo, chicken, cabeza and lengua and they offer both flour and corn tortillas.  The food is available to go, or grab a drink from the cooler and take a seat at the counter to eat in and enjoy the ambiance of this bustling market.  

I ordered tacos—one chorizo and one cabeza.  The chorizo taco was flavorful and had the perfect amount of seasoning.  I was a bit apprehensive about trying the cabeza (beef head) but it was extremely tender and turned out to be a great choice.  Both tacos were served on flavorful corn tortillas, topped with cilantro and onions and came with a side of fresh salsa verde.  I also ordered a cheese quesadilla, which I wasn’t expecting to be anything out of the ordinary, but the cook was able to turn two basic ingredients into something extremely delicious.  He cooked the cheese directly on the grill, then stuffed it inside the tortilla and gave it a final sear for the perfect combination of crunchy and cheesy.  My meal left me extremely satisfied, and for a total price of $4.50, it was definitely a steal.  

La Mexicana is a great place to stop in for a quick and affordable lunch or dinner.  The counter and seating inside the market can easily accommodate groups of up to 6 people, and if you’re by yourself, watching the cook whip up the delicious food is great entertainment.  As an added bonus, you can pick up groceries while you’re there as well. Stop into La Mexicana for a one-stop shop with a wide selection of groceries and fantastic authentic Mexican food.  

Open Daily 9AM – 9PM | 313-841-3024 | 7934 W Vernor Hwy | Cash Only