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Springwells Village
Detroit, MI 48209



The Neighborhood

Springwells Village is one of Southwest Detroit’s most culturally rich and vibrant communities. Home to nearly 17,000 residents, this community is bursting at the seams with restaurants, bakeries, local bars, and taco trucks – always a fan favorite. Many of the most well-known eateries specialize in traditional Mexican fare, including Mexican seafood and specialty desserts, while other establishments specialize in Greek, Italian, and American cuisine. Springwells also boasts a robust business district full of retail shopping and services, beautiful neighborhood parks, dozens of outdoor murals and public art places, strong faith-based institutions, and many local schools catering to the needs of this family-friendly community.  


A proud community of Southwest Detroit, the Springwells Village area has a long history in Southeast Michigan. At the turn of the 19th Century the Springwells area was a part of Springwells Township, one of the five original survey townships of Wayne County formed by Lewis Cass, territorial governor of the Northwest Territories. By the early 1800s, the village of Springwells Township became one the oldest recorded villages in Detroit with settlement records dating back to 1783. By 1921, all of the original Springwells Township land had been annexed into either Dearborn or Detroit. Today Southwest Detroit's Springwells Village community is located north of Fort Street and south of John Kronk, east of Woodmere and west of Waterman. For a more detailed map of the community, click here. For an historic map of Springwells Township, click here.

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The Symbol

In 2013, Urban Neighborhood Initiatives engaged residents and stakeholders of Springwells Village in a community branding and marketing process. Through surveys, focus groups, and idea-storming sessions with local artists, the present logo was developed as a symbol uniquely representing the Springwells Village community.


The circular shape is meant to represent an overall sense of unity while each layer suggests a specific aspect of the community that was uplifted throughout the outreach process. The brushstroke  imagery of the outermost layer reflects the importance of arts and culture in the community; the next layer highlights the strong local craft of masonry; the blue layer refers to the artesian spring wells that led to the initial Springwells name with the gear highlighting the community's manufacturing heritage; the next layer represents the people and community connectedness that have long been a hallmark of the area; the inner most image of the sunburst along with the color of the outermost ring symbolize the natural elements of the community.